Ducklings – 2 weeks old!

The girls are 2 weeks old today! They’ve been with me since Thursday April 14th. Tomorrow morning we will try dialing the temperature down to 75 degrees in the duck room. Hopefully by next week they’ll be able to dial down to 70 and move to their bigger brooder out in the garage.

Ducklings are hardier than chickens and can take cold sooner, but they still need babied for the first few weeks and need heat in their room/garage or need heat plates until they are fully feathered or it stays over 50 degrees outside even at night. Here in northeast Indiana, the temps are still dipping below that at night, so I’m hoping when they turn 3 weeks old that will be a different case! The infrared heater will be going to the garage with them when they move to their bigger brooder and they might get to swim in a small pool out there too. They won’t get their full size kiddie pool until they are fully feathered at 6-8 weeks.

Duckling video below with their good morning fresh water time!

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