Ketovore Lifestyle

The ketovore lifestyle is based on a Proper Human Diet approach to eating and living. The Proper Human Diet movement was coined recently by Dr Ken Berry and more on that can be found on his website here:

The main ketovore approach is about eating unprocessed mostly meat based foods, but with the flexibility of adding in some vegetables and fruits in an amount tailored to your own personal carb level and food sensitivity tolerances while also maintaining a high fat to protein ratio.

Not everyone will thrive on a carnivore or ketovore based way of eating, but I’ve found this is what works for me and so many others. I tried carnivore and had issues eating so much protein. I had to experiment and play around with the diet to feel my best. I do so much better keeping fat higher, protein moderate, and adding in very little low oxalate vegetables such as squashes. This helps me to keep inflammation down, keep my energy up, and fuel my life and workouts.

If you want more information about the ketovore lifestyle, or need help understanding what it’s all about, there are many resources such as Dr Ken Berry and his wife Neisha Berry out there that can help you. I also will be offering some private wellness coaching as I finish up my Women’s Coaching Specialist Certification through Girls Gone Strong. More details to come, but you can also reach out via my contact page for more info on current coaching options.