Ducks, hose, and clean pool!

It’s been awhile since I’ve remembered to post, but I thought I’d give a nice update! Ducks definitely love water. OF COURSE! Check out the video below for some ducks playing in the water soothing sounds! They love being sprayed by the hose as well as playing in their pool. I knew they loved water, but didn’t know they would actually enjoy being sprayed by the hose! Ha! 🙂

None are laying right now sadly. I adopted a couple of older ducks that were, but they stopped when I adopted my livestock guardian dog Bella. It was right around that time. But they were also molting which I also read can make them stop laying. Not sure if it was timing or coincidence? But they all seem to trust Bella now and don’t run from her so I’m hoping to at least start getting a couple eggs a day from the older two soon. The rest won’t start laying until September/October or so. Can’t wait!

Enjoy the duck splashing pool time! 🙂

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New Silver Appleyard Females in the brooder!

Picked up 4 silver Appleyard females that are almost 7 weeks old yesterday! They are in the brooder for the week and will hopefully get to go out into the foraging yard next weekend after my khaki girls have been able to run around for a bit there themselves so it’s a more neutral meeting space. If all goes well, I will be picking up a couple of Indian Runner mixes that are 2 years old an already laying the following weekend to transfer to the brooder for a week and then slowly integrate. That way I will get eggs for the summer! 🙂

See new silver Appleyard ladies below!

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Ducks 6.5 weeks and their new fenced run!

I was finally able to put up the fence and gate this weekend for the outdoor foraging space. I wrapped it around my outdoor fenced space that the dogs have so that the ducks can eat all the bugs and keep them from the dogs. They are natural pest control 😀

The ducks are in their outdoor pens with the pool now and will be there about a week. Next weekend, I plan to open the door and let them wonder out in the foraging space and then let the new silver Appleyard females out of their brooder and into the yard as well.

Hopefully there will be no issues since everyone is still pretty young and about the same age. Hoping they will accept eachother easily. 🙏

Pics below!

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Ducklings 5 weeks old!

Yesterday, May 16th they turned 5 weeks old! Getting closer to fully feathered and moving out to the outside pens and having their pool filled! Last weekend it was really warm so I put up a barrier and opened the big garage door so that they could get some air, but I knew there was some chilly weather coming so they couldn’t have a pool yet. They can get easily chilled when they aren’t fully feathered.

Some photos below also of their new outdoor pens. Most of the predator proofing is done (lots of hardware cloth on the steel pens!) however I still have to cover sharp pieces with duct tape, build their pool deck, and put their tarp and bedding into the duck house/shed. It’s coming along though!

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Ducklings Week 3!

The girls are officially over 3 weeks old now and growing fast! They are starting to get feathers too 🙂 It even sounds like some are starting to quack a bit. They moved out to the much bigger garage brooder this weekend and have plenty of room to run around now. They are enjoying pooping in their pool even though there’s no water in it yet. Lol!

Waiting on putting water in the pool until they are a bit bigger and it’s warmer outside.

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