Ducks, hose, and clean pool!

It’s been awhile since I’ve remembered to post, but I thought I’d give a nice update! Ducks definitely love water. OF COURSE! Check out the video below for some ducks playing in the water soothing sounds! They love being sprayed by the hose as well as playing in their pool. I knew they loved water, but didn’t know they would actually enjoy being sprayed by the hose! Ha! 🙂

None are laying right now sadly. I adopted a couple of older ducks that were, but they stopped when I adopted my livestock guardian dog Bella. It was right around that time. But they were also molting which I also read can make them stop laying. Not sure if it was timing or coincidence? But they all seem to trust Bella now and don’t run from her so I’m hoping to at least start getting a couple eggs a day from the older two soon. The rest won’t start laying until September/October or so. Can’t wait!

Enjoy the duck splashing pool time! 🙂

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